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A Six Sigma Quality Certification endorsed by Forbes magazine, a fan club that includes Prince Charles and Richard Branson (owner of the Virgin empire) -- this guest lecture was definitely going to be unlike any other full story

Hungry kya? What would you like: pizza from the local Domino’s (30 minute delivery) or a fresh, hot meal from home? Most managers don’t have a choice. It’s either a packed lunch or junk food grabbed from a fast food outlet. Unless you live in  full story

Although some may look down upon this business, yet its impact on the lives of the Mumbai-vasis cannot be ignored. Dabba is a Hindi word for a tiffin container and dabbawala means a person who carries these containers - what full story

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Welcome to the official website of Mumbai Dabbawala , , we are also known as Dabbawalla , Dabbawalas , Dabbawalahs , Dabbawallahs , Dabawala , Dabbawalas , tiffinwala , tiffinwalla , etc. We are a 118 years old organization as on 2008, started in year 1890 , what we do is simple , we collect tiffin boxes (called Dabbas) from the residence of the working people and deliver it to their officer during the lunch timings. Every day approximately 5000 Dabbawalas deliver home made food to about 200,000 ( 2 lakhs) customers in the nook and corner of Mumbai , India. Although this job seems simple but what is amazing is that most of Dabbawalas are illiterate and yet they are able to deliver food to people at the right time and to the right person using a simple colour coding system without using any modern technology or computer systems. No wonder that's the reason why Dabbawalas have been given six sigma ranking by Forbes group and also ISO 9001:2000 for their accuracy and customer satisfaction.  Dabbawala rose to international fame after the historic visit of English Prince Charles followed by Sir Richard Branson - the chairman of Virgin group , England. Most of Dabbawalas are from Varkari community of Maratha clan. Today Dabbawala have become a symbol of honesty , hard work , time management , accuracy and a case study of six sigma and supply chain management. No wonder the business schools , Universities , corporate and MBA institutes from all across the the world , invite Dabbawala to give lecture on their Management and try to be benefited by their rich experience , however the Dabbawalas still continue to do what they are most famous for - delivering tiffin boxes.