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Dabbawala Products

Product Name: Dabba (Tiffin box)

Description: This is the Dabba ( Tiffin box) which which the food is kept which is delivered by us. It is made of aluminum in which there 4 compartment for keeping different kind of food. The "Dabba" has now become a symbol of hard work , discipline , time management and management icon. You may buy it just as a symbol or keep it to transport your food.

Price: 200/- ( Indian Rupees , INR)

Product Name: Gandhi cap

Description: This is cap wore by us , the Dabbawalas , during the working hours. It is customary for all Dabbawalas to war it during the business hours otherwise Rs. 100/- fine is imposed. This is the same Gandhi cap wore by Indians during the independence struggle. It is made of pure Khadi ( hand made from cotton) . You may keep  it to mark the respect for our tradition and yes it looks great on your head.

Price: 50/- ( Indian Rupees , INR)

Product Name: Video CD On Dabbawala
Description: This CD contains the following:
  • The 20 minute documentary film on Dabbawala made by BBC
  • A 5 minute introduction documentary film made by Ministry of External Affairs , Government
  • A 23 minutes documentary film by Prof. M. S. Pillai , Founder Director , The Sadhana Centre For Management and Leadership Development , Pune , India.
  • The presentation - The Magic of Dabbawala Unfolded
  • The presentation - management Learning's From Dabbawala
Price: 200/- ( Indian Rupees , INR)

Product Name: Dabbawala Mug
Description: This is tea / coffee mug with Dabbawala logo on it.
Price: 300/- ( Indian Rupees , INR)

Product Name: Dabbawala T Shirt
Description: This is a decent T Shirt with the Dabbawala logo on it.
Price: 400/- ( Indian Rupees , INR)
How to order the products:
Kindly contact us with following information:
Your Name , complete address , land line number , mobile number , E-Mail address , name of product , quantity of each product , donation amount. After getting the information , the products will be send through courier within India and  even outside India.
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