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Message From Dabbawala


On behalf of 5000 strong and dedicated force of Mumbai Dabbawalas , we warmly welcome you to .We the Dabbawalas , have been known to provide excellent services without any technological backup. However with the advent of technology and internet in particular we have decided to be part of this info way. On one part our core job of supplying the Dabbas to the people of Mumbai from their home to office will still be carried on without any technology or IT support but we will be using IT in general and Internet  in particular to provide value added services to our prestigious customers.

To start with we will be using this website to provide complete information about Dabbawalas to the world so that the right information about us is passed on to the world.

This will be the first phase of use of Internet. We will be also providing the facility to apply Dabba online at the click of the mouse , for this we have developed application with latest technologies In the time to come we will be using this website and IT to make full usage of our expertise.

So log on and be a part of the amazing world of Dabbawalas.

Happy browsing.

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