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Jobs For Dabbawalas

The characteristic of a typical Dabbawala is :
  • Hard working. A Dabbawala lifts wooden carrot containing Dabbas weighting from 80 Kg to 100 Kg.
  • Honest. We have shown our honesty for over 116 years.
  • Reliable. We deliver lunch Dabbas by 12.30PM every day, we are always on time. We understand the true value of time.
  • Low salary. A Dabbawala may work for a salary starting from Rs. 5000/- onwards. So its cost effective to employ a Dabbawala.
  • Full Knowledge of Mumbai. We know the in & out of Mumbai.

So in case you need to  employ a person with these characteristics you may employ a Dabbawala. A Dabbawala may be recruited in many companies like security agency, courier industry , small offices , big companies,etc. The Dabbawala will be happy to get a better job and this will ensure good life for the family of Dabbawala.
Note: When a Dabbawala gets a job , first he has to bring a replacement Dabbawala in his place and then only he ,may join a company. This ensures that our system works properly.
Please contact us with your requirement to employ a Dabbawala. We will be very happy to serve you.

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