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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Dabbawala

 Please contact us in case your question is not answered in this FAQ.
1-Do you offer services in other cities as well?
.No , presently our services are only in Mumbai.
2-Are you planning to offer services in other Indian cities like Bangalore , Delhi , etc.
No. As on date we do not have any such plan. There are three things required to start our services in any other city:
1- Liner one directional geography of the city like Mumbai,
2- Cheap , realizable and fast local train system,
3- A group of like minded people who are self motivated and committed.
Presently these things are not there in any other city
3- In Mumbai what are the areas in which Dabbawala Service is available?
Our services are available in following locations:
Virar to Churchgate on Western railway side.
Kalyan to CST (formerly VT) on central railway side.
Panvel/Vashi to CST (formerly VT) on harbour line railway side.
4- What are the charges for the Dabbawala services?
Our service charges are from Rs. 250/- to 500/- per month depending upon the location.
5- Do you offer services on daily basis as well?
No. Our services are on monthly basis only.
6- From where the lunch is taken?
The lunch box (Dabba) is collected from your home and delivered at your residence.
7- I do not have anyone to cook food at home what do i do?
In this case we take food of your choice from a good mess ( Marathi , Jain , Veg , Non Veg, etc) and deliver at your office.
8- I'm a student and I want to do study / research on Dabbawala. What should i do?
Please send a detailed mail to us at [email protected] and contact us. We will provide all information to you , arrange interview with our leaders , arrange actual travel with us in local train , etc. You will have to provide soft and hard copy of your report to us.
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