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Dabbawala Foundation
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Although the Dabbawala is recognized all over the world for excellence in supply chain management , time management , commitment , honesty and integrity but we also have our own problems. Some of the problems faced by us are as follows::

  • Lack of bicycles which is the main mode of transportation for end delivery.
  • Lack of hand carts which is used to transport tiffin boxes where number of customers are high.
  • No medical cover or insurance which is a big problem when one of Dabbawala meets accident or falls ill.
  • No post retirement benefits. As there is no retirement age in Dabbawala system and one is paid as long as one works. So when one Dabbawala is unable to work due to old age then he has no other mean of survival.
  • No arrangements for children education. As our earning are low , we find it tough to arrange quality education for our children and their development is hampered.
  • We have many other problems which is mainly due to our low income and low education.
The Dabbawala Foundation attempts to solve these problem with the help of society. Some of the efforts made by the Dabbawala Foundation to solve the problem faced by Dabbawalas are as follows::
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