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Apply Dabbawala Online

We are developing a software  application  through which the people of Mumbai can order Dabba service online through internet. The order will be booked online and Dabba will be picked up from your home and will be delivered to office in time. Please wait  , the software will be soon available. Meanwhile you may send us E-Mail us at [email protected]  with your details ( name, home address , office address , home phone , office phone , mobile number , whether you want dabba on Saturday) and we will contact you to start the service. 

To further enhance customer loyalty and ease of communication, we have adopted the mobile technology. Now dabbawalas may be contacted through mobile using SMS.

How to contact Dabbawals through mobile:

Go in the create message box of your mobile phone and Enter “dabba Your name Your message” and send it to 3636. Any communication message may be send through this channel.

Example “dabba Vikas congrats on launching mobile services” and send it to 3636.

Example “dabba Amit Please contact me for ads through dabbawala channel” and send it to 3636.

This facility will be used to apply dabba online.

How to order dabbawala services through mobile:

Go in the create message box of your mobile phone and Enter “dabba YourName HomeAddress OfficeAddress” and send it to 3636.

Example “ dabba  Rajesh  304 , Shivaji Complex , Dadar (west)   2nd floor , Express Tower , Nariman point “ and send it to 3636.

Example “ dabba  Swant  106 , Gaikwad Nagar, Goregoan (east)   6nd floor , Maker Tower , Nariman point “ and send it to 3636.

On receiving this message one of the dabbawala will contact you on your cell phone and you dabba delivery service will start. The message may be send by any one throughout India. So people from say even Bangalore may contact us through a SMS.

This mobile technology is being provided in association with Active Media Technology.

Active Media Technology (Website:  is an industry leader with an unparalleled track record in deploying mobile coupons, vouchers, loyalty solution, tickets and m-CRM solutions. They have the honor of delivering & redeeming the most number of mobile coupons in the world.

ActiveMedia Technology’s clients include Orange UK, Virgin Mobile, Telefónica, Blockbuster, Unilever, Carphone Warehouse, Luminar Leisure, Citibank, ABN-Amro, ING-Barings, Discovery Channel, Sony TV, MTV, CNBC, El Corte Inglais, Vue, UGC, Odeon, UCI, Cineworld, Apollo, Showcase and other cinemas. And now the dabbawalas are also their client.

We kindly request the people to contact us though this mobile channel and order dabba using SMS. We seek support of all to making this mobile channel successful the same way our website has been successful.

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