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Profile Of Mr. Manish Tripathi


Introduction Of Dabbawala

The Mumbai Dabbawala is a 118 years organization. They are engaged in the business of delivering Home made food to the working members of the family at their offices. This is because , in Mumbai the distances are very long and trains are over crowed. Everyday about 5000 Dabbawalas deliver 200,000 lunch boxes ( 2 lakhs) in the nook and corner of Mumbai. Dabbawala originated during the British rule in 1890 when there office goers felt the need for the home made food. Although this job looks simple , but what is amazing is that this job is done by mostly illiter.67ate Dabbawalas and that too without using any technology. Through their simple and efficient coding system , Dabbawalas are able to deliver Dabbas ( lunch boxes) to the right person at right time. In the recent years , Dabbawalas have took it to fame after Prince Charles , Sir Richards Branson's ( Virgin Atlantis) and many high profile people meet them to know about their working. Dabbawalas became a matter of media attention when they were invited for the Prince Charles marriage.
When Forbes group gave six sigma certificate to Dabbawalas - their work and efficiency was recognized , recently they were given ISO 9000: 2000 for their excellent service.
Dabbawalas have become a simple of hard work , time management , supply chain management success , team work and simple management skills and so much so that now they are invited to deliver lectures and India top management colleges like IIMs and even to foreign universities. Dabbawalas are integral part of Mumbai and everyday they may be seen rushing to ensure time delivery of lunch boxes , so they are a common site on the streets of Mumbai.
But even after this name and fame Dabbawalas take it simple and do what they are best at - Delivering Dabbas on time.

Lecture By Dabbawala

Out of 5000 Dabbawalas , about 85% are illiterate and the remaining 15% are educated up to 8th grade.  This way we are not well qualified to teach anyone or for that matter deliver any lecture. In fact we need quality education. However by working for past 116 years will full dedication , time management , no strike  gathering experience in logistics - Mumbai Dabbawalas have created as place of their own. The six sigma , ISO and many other certificates given to us by external agencies has further corroborated the high quality of work being done by us. The visit of English king - Prince Charles and Virgin Atlantis chairman Sir Richards Branson has given Dabbawalas much media attention and respect in the society. So we do not have any knowledge but we have experience of 116years. Due to this reason we are invited for the lecture by reputed organizations in not only Mumbai or India but from foreign nations too. We are thankful to all for inviting us for the lecture and giving us so much respect.
Dabbawalas are invited for lecture for following reasons:

  • To understand the logistics of Dabbawala in delivering 2,000000 ( 2 lakh ) Dabba daily within stipulated time.

  • To gain insight into the colour coding used by the Dabbawalas to ensure error free delivery.

  • To know the organizational hierarchy of Dabbawalas to understand what keeps Dabbawalas self motivated and get going.

  • To understand as how Dabbawalas got six sigma , ISO certificate and many other quality certificates even being so not well educated.

  • To share the management lessons that Dabbawalas have gained over 116 years.

  • To motivate employees by showing that if uneducated Dabbawalas can work so great then why not our employees.

  • As we have never gone on strike for past 116 years , some times we are invited to address the employees in sharing the harm of strike.

  • Some times Dabbawalas are invited to deliver lecture on annual days and other celebrations of organizations.

  • The lecture by us is extremely humorous and everyone enjoys it - its not a lecture rather experience sharing  so organizations just invite us to know as how we work.

  • We are invited for many many more reasons best known to the people and organizations who invite us.

Format Of Lecture

  • The presentation starts with a optional 5 minute documentary film which gives introduction of Dabbawalas.

  • First the presentation is started with "The Magic Of Dabbawala Unfolded" which deals with the history , internal working , coding , logistics , organizational set and all other related issues of Dabbawala. This presentation explains everything about Dabbawala. All your questions about Dabbawala is answered. This lecturer takes about 30 minutes to 2 hour depending upon time given to us. If there are two lecturers then the time is divided otherwise incase of one lecturer the entire lecture is taken by one person.

  • After this a rather well made audio visual documentary film titled " Dabbawala - Small People Great Work" is shown which taken 23 minutes. This film is in English.

  • After this if Mr. Manish Tripathi is invited then he takes the lecture "Management Learning's From Dabbawala" which talks about the learning's from the 116 year experience of Dabbawalas. This lecture is on rather serious side and  points by points narrates as what are the majors highlights of the Dabbawala system and how can an organization benefit by applying them in their organization. This lecture my taken anything from 20 minutes to 40 minutes.

  • If the time permits , then another 20 minute documentary file made by BBC is shown.

  • After that the question & Answer session is there ( Sawal Aapke - Javap Dabbawale Ke) where any remaining queries are taken up.

  • Vote of thanks by Dabbawalas for inviting uneducated Dabbawalas for the lecture and gifting of Dabba with Gandhi Topi to dignitaries. 

Requirements For The Lecture

  • Audience with desire to know  about Dabbawalas.

  • PC with CD ROM or USB pen drive .We bring the presentation and film in both CD and pen drive - and also the hard copies of both presentations in case PC doesn't work! - This is the Dabbawala way!!!

  • LCD projector.

  • Multimedia system  with speakers for showing the documentaries

Suitable Day & Time Of Lecture

As giving lecture is not our main job and we have to work Monday to Saturday 8AM - 6PM , the suitable time of the lecture is as follows:

  • Monday to Friday 6PM onwards.

  • Any time during Saturday and Sunday.

  • Any time during holidays.

  • However with prior discussion it is very much possible to arrange the lecture on even week days as well - Monday to Friday anytime.

  • After checking with the appointments the date is confirmed.

Travel and other arrangements

  • Requesting the organizers to arrange for the travel.

  • In case of short distances, road or rail transport may be arranged.

  • However in case of long distances we request to arrange air travel as we have to get back to Mumbai for work. Normally E-tickets may be send or else the hard copy of tickets may be send. In the booking our mobile numbers may be given for communication. We carry our photo identity card with us.

  • In case the lecture is planned in morning for out of the station locations, it is better to reach the location the previous night and stay.

  • Suitable boarding & lodging may be arranged - if required.

  • All the lecturers have their valid passport so we may even visit foreign counties as well. In fact we have already visited many countries for the lecture.

Introduction Of Mr. Manish Tripathi

Mr. Manish Tripathi is Dabbawala from Mumbai. He has taken many new initiatives to take the Dabbawala organization to new level of excellence. Launching of website , booking of tiffin boxes through SMS , tying up with many organizations to promote their products through Dabbawala , job placements for educated Dabbawalas , helping needy Dabbawalas and many other initiatives taken by him has been very successful. As an individual , he is a self disciplined man who is always ready to serve the Dabbawalas and also helping the society in every possible way.

Lectures Given By Mr. Manish Tripathi On Dabbawala

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